William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The media calls it a spending spree?
But it’s long overdue says you and me
Let’s support our CDS, General Hillier, Rick
And MND O’Connor; he now carries the big stick!

We’ll get a replacement for our old C130’s
To haul our supplies and our troops
And that will be swell our experts do tell
When replacing front line folks, with new boots

Our tattered old choppers, these, will soon be a goner
Replaced by the new ones, says General O’Connor
These helos will be welcomed by each gal and man
Now serving o’er there, in Southern Afghanistan

They can fly in supplies to all of the guys
And take out the wounded real quick
The Liberals are gone and we sing a new song
Now that O’Connor he carries the stick!

Thank Stephen Harper and O’Connor Gord
They bring a new breath of air on board
They think of the troops out in the front line
After the Librano neglect, it’s sure about time!