William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

2 Battle Group Update

These Canadians crawl through the Afghan Mud!
And they’ve seen the flow of Canadian blood!
Because they do battle and are on the side of right
To the Taliban enemy they take the Victory fight!

They breathe Afghan dust and smell cordite
And none have backed down from the fight
Struggling to the death to keep the Afghans free!
Canadians are known historically for Victory!

Come on Canadians support your troops
Those lads and lasses in combat boots
Don’t listen to Stephane or to Taliban Jack
Keep the faith and watch your Canadian soldier’s back!

From: Cox, James
Sent: Tuesday, 20, February, 2007 14:02 PM
Subject: RE: 2 RCR Battle Group update


I though you might be interested in a passage from the CDS' speech he delivered to the Conference of Defence Associations seminar last week. It drew significant applause from the audience.

“Let me just tell you a little story:

Labour Day weekend.

On that terrible weekend, Charles Company, 1st Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment lost Company commander Matt Sprague in action, lost Sergeant-Major Barnes, Company Sergeant-Major, lost one out of three platoon commanders, lost all three platoon warrant officers, one wounded, two killed, lost five section commanders out of nine and lost all of the section's second in command master corporals – a total of 40-plus wounded and five killed in a 48-hour period.

They stepped up. A young sergeant promoted to sergeant last July became the Company Sergeant-Major. Young master corporals became a platoon commander and platoon second in commands. And young soldiers became section commanders and they carried on the operation and the fight against the Taliban that gave NATO such an incredible boost right at the start of that mission.

Now if that's not a Canadian epic that will come out in the telling, I don't know what it is. And I think it just tells us yet again what incredible people we have in places like Charles Company, the 1st Battalion, the Royal Canadian Regiment.”

They done good!

Pro Patria,

Jim Cox
Brigadier General (Retired)
Analyst Political and Social Affairs Division
Parliamentary Information and Research
Library of Parliament