William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Oh Sammy Bin Laffin you’ve now gone far away,
Meeting those 72 Virgins, at the end of your day.
You were a terrible scourge to your fellow man:
Complete Infidel murder was your master plan.

You lied when you said that you lived rough in a cave.
That was a big untruth, and a huge propaganda rave.
You camped with several wives in a great big house:
Hiding in Pakistan in plain sight – quiet like a mouse.

No one got the fifty million dollars just for ratting you out.
The Seals made sure of that – and was there any doubt?
Doubled tapped to the torso and then one to the head.
Payment now in full, for those you caused to be dead.

The US troops in Afghanistan, they can now pack up and leave.
They continue to fight against the tangled webs you did weave.
The new recruits for El Qaeda and the old troops of the Taliban.
Will continue to kill peaceful Moslems in any way that they can.

Oh Sammy Bin Laffin, you were, a horrible terrorist and a fool:
You kept Afghani young females from attending school.
You blew up the US Embassy in Nairobi killing many little kids:
That is why you paid the price for the evil deeds that you did.

Oh Sammy you bin laffin at the free world lo these many years:
In the end there was absolutely no one to shed any tears.
Your networks are weakened, and your powers they had waned.
You paid the ultimate price for those you pained and made lame.