William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Keep our true north strong and Free
Does our culture change with each Refugee?
We’ll have no weapons with which to fight
make new gun laws-take away our rights?

Bring in the El Qaeda, fill each sleeper cell
Perhaps soon enough they’ll blow us all to hell?
A downsized Army now defends our land
Let our neighbours handle Iraq and Iran?

We can be self sufficient we have lots of oil
we don’t have control of what’s now in our soil?
We Canadians have sufficient – we have enough
But we have no power to protect our stuff!

Gas is three cents a gallon away down south
They don’t hafta pay, like us, through the mouth
There are some Countries that are really free
That aren’t being held hostage by oil companies?

God keep our true North Strong and Free
Let Canadians hold onto our own liberty
Keep free our beaver symbol and red maple leaf
Supported by Historical Christian belief!