William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Old jumpers often hurt when they lie down.
They ache and pain we see a constant frown.
Their hips and knees have ancient cracks,
Pains in each shoulder and down the back.

On winter drops Joe hit the frozen ground.
His young body shook with that awful pound.
Now Buddy Joe is old, and he’s in deep pain.
His knees ache and are pain, whene’r it rains.

Those years of ramp and side door jumps,
T-10 canopy jolts and hard ground bumps,
Left my buddy Joe wracked in constant pain.
He limps along because, now he’s half lame.

Joe, it’s now the time to go on sick parade.
Tell VAC your debts have been paid.
You need painkillers and some operations.
You did hard time a-serving this Great Nation.

Author’s Note: for Joe Drouin