William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Obituary – William Willbond, MSM, CDListen to these prayers that the Padre just read
And hear too these words that I too have now said
No more o’er the world or to Africa I‘ll roam
My Lord and Saviour He has now called me home!

I was born in the dark days of World War Two
When my dad was overseas a’fighting for you!
He was wounded in battle o’er in the front line
And he came home both injured in body and mind!

Raised on a farm near Chelsea up at Lac Meech
I used to catch trout in deep holes in the creek
I learned all my prayers when I went to school
And I got the strap and sat on the dunce stool

We moved down to Ottawa in nineteen forty seven
And our Irish Catholic family soon it grew to Eleven!
I went to Eddy’s mill when I finished grade eight
Working until reaching enlistment age, I would wait!

I joined the Canadian Army when I was seventeen
And went off to Calgary to serve Country and Queen
I served with NATO, the British Army on the Rhine
And three years o’er in Germany I served my time!

Posted to Victoria I met Lynne my dear wife
She was my best friend and she changed my whole life
O’er in Cyprus, Edmonton, Petawawa, East or West
Standing by my side as I worked Ottawa’s China Desk!

She raised Sandra and Mary and Paula and Dr. B.
she continued to look after this old soldier, me
We grew old together and we had a wonderful life
The secret to success is to have a good wife!

I worked at the cop shop for another 23 years
We welcomed the grand kids through laughter and tears
We both watched our parents leave this mortal coil
Lynne as a Geriatric Nurse, she continued to toil

Starting ICROSS a charity for each HIV and AIDS kid
Shipping medicines to the poor, that’s what we each did
As I am buried today, please don’t shed tears for me
Remember the good times and that my soul is set free!

Author’s Note: Got up this a.m. with aches and pains – the dampness does that to old bones. The rain and dark clouds set the tone for the day and as I sipped my coffee I realized that I am nearing the end of my time here on this small suffering wee spinning ball in space. I asked myself what I wanted to tell my children and grand children and my friends when they attend my funeral at the “Supplementary Death Benefits” Service if there are any monies left in that fund to provide pine box and flag for old departing soldiers?

Tried to keep the story of my life down to one page and tried to touch some of the main points for the benefit of my family and friends – a simple life for a simple man in an ever more complicated world of code words and numbers and pass words and cards, cards, cards. Got three new cards recently – for disability, pension, health, old age and with my passing the Government will be pleased that the five pensions I am getting will cease, or be reduced as I pay the extra decreased benefits so my wife will qualify – but the Army Pension, the Police Pension, the Canada Pension, the Old Age Pension, and the Disability Pensions will all be ceased and will be a savings to taxpayers. Hey it is not an ill that wind that does not blow something good somewhere.

Okay that’s it – I refuse to die and give up my pensions! I worked too hard and too long to achieve them so I think I will hang in there a little while longer (chuckle). This report of my impending doom is (I hope) for the moment exaggerated!