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She entered the Warsaw Ghetto which was under the Nazi’s siege
She smuggled out wee babies her dog covered each cry and sneeze
The Germans broke her arms and legs but she saved all of the names
Buried in a bottle under a tree until after the war out the list it came…

She tried to find the parents of foster children that had been in her care
Many of the Moms and Dads had been gassed and were no longer there
They put her in for the Nobel Peace Prize, however it was to be no more
Superseded by an American tree hugger, a guy we all know as Al Gore

Now I don’t want to take away from dear Allen who one time ran for Pres
But it must be here debated about the value of what the prize says
Irene was a saver of Jewish wee baby(s) lives away back in world war two
Gore wants to save our planet and make it a save place for me and you?

Author’s Note: Inspired by the below article sent to me by an old Army Buddy


Irene Sendler
Irene Sendler: 2008
Irena Sendler, a candidate for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, is credited with saving 2,500 Polish Jews from the Holocaust.

There recently was a death of a 98-year-old lady named Irena.

During WWII, Irena gained permission to work in the Warsaw Ghetto. She had an ulterior motive… she KNEW what the Nazi’s plans were for the Jews, (being German).

Irena smuggled infants out in the bottom of her toolbox she carried, and she carried in the back of her truck a Burlap sack, (for larger kids). She also had a dog in the back that she trained to bark when the Nazi soldiers let her in, and out of the ghetto. The soldiers of course wanted nothing to do with the dog, and the barking covered the kids/infants noises.

Irena Sendler: 1958
Irena Sendler receiving the In the Service of Health medal from Poland's Minister of Health. Warsaw, October 1958
During her time and in the course of doing this, she managed to smuggle out and save 2,500 kids/infants. She was caught, and the Nazi’s broke both her legs, and arms, and beat her severely.

Irena kept a record of the names of all the kids she smuggled out, and kept them in a glass jar, buried under a tree in her back yard. After the war, she tried to locate any parents that may have survived it, and reunited the family.

Most, of course, had been gassed.

Those kids she helped were placed into foster family homes, or adopted.

Last year Irena was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize… she LOST… Al Gore won, for doing a slide show on Global Warming.

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