William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Off to Copenhagen went Rifleman “Mucker” Steele
For hard rations and wool blankets he made a swapper’s deal

“Mucker” got a year in cells, at the D.B. up in Soest
for the selling of his Army truck and the leaving of his post

“Roy’s boys” were the Regimental band.
They served o’er there in old Deutschland

“Zump the Pump”, ol Joe Zumprelle
had eight war medals and a big beer belly

Mickey O’Brian was called “Mick the Stick”
He had a big bratwurst it was long and thick

The Fraulines called Mickey “Mike the Spike”
‘Cause he had a thing they really liked!

“Ollie”, Roy Olafson, drove the CO’s car
But he left it parked at the Molly Bar

Without any oil he let the motor burn out
“Ollie” got fired we heard “Buck” Pacholuk shout

The rodent Don “Rat” Randal, got his nickname in Korea
for crawling in the mud and for catching gone-a-reeha

I had a squad commander his name was “salty” Shell;
A sailor in the Navy, he gave the Nazi’s hell

“Nobby” Dobson worked in Transport, he drove an Army Jeep (truck)
“Toecaps” avoided all parades, he just didn’t give a bleep

An old soldier we called “Baldy” his name was Baverstock
always carried his black bible as through garrison he walked

Bill Fischer’s in the Hospital? “Machine Gun Bill”, I think
I’ll have to go and visit him along with my friend “Chink”

“Sally” Rickman, Johnnie Carson, “Neuf” Drover, Lee and me;
Those rifle guys jumped from the skies when we left QOR of C

Lumpy Stuart, Pinky Pinkerton, Driver McIvor, this year died
passing forward to the light, they soared to the other side – RIP lads

SSgt Joe “Zump the Pump” Zumprelle CD
SSgt Joe “Zump the Pump” Zumprelle CD