William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


NATO isn’t playing the let’s win game,
providing enough troops, or avoiding shame?
With Taliban mobilizing, 15,000 jihadists strong
The lines are long, beside the Pakistan Border
The enemy awaits the spring offensive to
cause panic and more terror disorder!

We need more troops in combat boots
We need more fighting men
Lots of NATO talk and empty promises
Won’t bring Victory in the end
Perhaps firepower will win the hour?
Who knows? It all depends!

The enemy mercs, they fight for pay
And 72 virgins at the end of the day
Our NATO soldiers should attack en masse!
And go to the front before winter is past!

Listen to MacKenzie[1] – He knows of what he speaks
The enemy respects strength, disrespects the weak
If NATO is serious about rebuilding Afghanistan
Then total victory should be included in their plan!