William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Canada had sent her troops far away over seas.
And as a young soldier I was one of these.
With the British Army on the Rhine,
We NATO TROOPS, held the freedom line.

A friend, in Deutschland’s cold soil he lays,
Reminding me of those far away days.
Farewell my best friend: Rossie Roussell,
In youth you served your Country well.

Your name is now listed in the 7th book.
Col John Stuart did a search, he took a close look.
In the peace tower your name is now written there.
Canadians, they remember, and Canadians care.

570 of our Military are buried o’er there too.
The NATO cost was great ‘twas not just a few.
In Afghanistan there’s another NATO band of brothers.
Canadian NATO troops fight hard, they’re like no others.

Now the KIAs they are flown back home to Trenton by air
To the Highway of Heroes where Canadian grief is shared.
They are on the over passes awaiting those jet black cars
Bringing our KIA NATO troops home from Kandahar.

Thom Joordens runs the NATO veterans Association.
He has gathered members from all across this Great Nation.
He has members form up by Trenton’s highway fence
To await young Canadians whose lives have been spent.