William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


When you speak of some people the words flow without a loss
That certainly describes perfectly Murray Edwards my old boss
Murray was a Queen’s Own Sergeant back in World War Two
As a Captain with the Princess Patricia’s in the Korean War too

Murray’s wife was a beautiful Welsh Lady and her name was Morrie
She called me the Canadian Soldier Poet and she’s part of this story
I worked for Major Edwards at MARPAC back in nineteen seventy four
That’s when I learned that he had been in several peacekeeping wars

Murray is the Vice President of our Mark Isfeld Chapter of CAVUNP
He’s a Victoria Director of ICROSS CANADA which is a full cup
Going to schools in November has been a regular thing to do
Murray talks to the students about Korea and World War Two

He takes off his huge medal bar and he passes it up and down
And he explains their meanings and answers questions so profound
Murray is an old teacher who knows how to talk to young folk
He is quick witted and the kids enjoyed each joke he spoke

Murray has had some setbacks and he has had some ill health
But he is up on his feet again and back to being his old self
When he was in the hospital he was visited by some poets
Tony Pahl from Australia and this writer wouldn’t you know it

Tony shook hands with Murray and after hearing about Morrie
He declined a visit to the museum, going to God’s Acre with me
He took photos of the grave sites and enjoyed the quiet of that place
Where lie soldiers, sailors and airmen of every religion and each race

Ribbon Bar: Major Murray Edwards
Ribbon Bar: Major Murray Edwards

Medal Bar: Major Murray Edwards
Medal Bar: Major Murray Edwards

Author’s Note: Refer to the poem, “Major Murray Edwards Meets The Aussie Bard” – ©Copyright May 28, 2008 by William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD