William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I was tacking an Armistice Day poster up on to a tree.
When a little Brentwood girl walked quickly up to me.
The little girl said: “ Mr. Willbond, what is a weath?”
I looked up in horror, unbelief and sheer grief.

I say I really don’t know, as I looked on in terror.
The flyer stared back at me, ‘twas a terrible error.
Instead Wreath it read Weath, I had made a mistake.
So it ‘twas back to the printer’s for new flyers to make.

To err is human I said to her, it’s not really too big of a fuss.
This old soldier is just a wee bit more human than all of the rest of us?
I retraced my steps and I ran all around the town.
Putting new posters up taking old posters down.

Let that be a lesson, little girl and in the future take heed.
Before printing a written project, be sure to proof read.
So now we both know exactly what is a Weath Laying.
It’s a Wreath without an R and you now know what I’m saying?

Armistice Day poster