William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Billy and his Mom at Camp Ipperwash, 1955
Billy and his Mom at Camp Ipperwash, 1955
My Mother opened up her arms;
she hugged us to her breast.
Until I married Mary Lynne
my Mother loved me best!

No one could cook as good as Mom;
her apple pie was great!
Our manners, they went out the door
as we licked off our plates.

And Mom would sew and wash and scrub
and bath nine children in the tub.
With us, each night, she’d kneel and pray
for Global Peace to win the day.

She taught me how to milk our cow
and how to catch a hen.
She told me of tales of Ireland,
and of our kith and kin.

She got me up to go to church
(she never missed a Mass);
she dressed me up and she made sure
I wasn’t late for class.

On Mothers Day I shed a tear
‘Cause now my Mother’s gone.
Her memory fades a bit each year
but I still love you Mom!

Author’s Note: My Mother wrote to me every week when I was away in Germany during the Cold War. Although she had nine children she made time for each of us. Getting a letter (at mail call) was “an important” thing to young soldiers away from home, many of us for the first time. She worried and prayed through the building of the Berlin Wall and through the Cuban Crisis and her written support each week at mail call was one of the most important things in my life, at that time. I made her an assignment of half my pay right up until I got married, as she needed the money with so many little ones at home.

RIP MOM – Love Billy