William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Couldn’t sleep – saw again the tears running down the cheeks of the young Canadian soldier who had just returned from Rwanda and who stood in front of my desk at the Police Station wanting to know if I was the Peacekeeper from the Association, and as I nodded yes and I made him a cup of coffee, he sighed deeply, and unburdened his soul as he told me a story of mass murder.

I gave him a Kleenex as I stamped his leave pass after he got it all out, and off of his chest, and he left the office head held high but still holding back tears. I picked up my pencil from the Police Blotter and wrote the words of the poem, “Some Blue Beret Thoughts and Tears about Rwanda” on my daily log sheet and later gave a copy to Brian Isfeld who sent it to IWVPA. They published it and gave me an award, “The IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry” – An award for the tears of a young Canadian whose soul is scarred for life.

If my words help to get the message out about the continued human suffering caused by these continuing far away place wars and man’s continued inhumanity to man, and if they cause people to think of ways to avoid such conflicts, then the poems are something to be proud of.

With the present genocide in the Sudan where the Arabs are killing the Christians and with the foreign Muslim (madmen) suicide bombers daily crossing the Iraqi border to blow themselves up along with soldiers, police officers, old folks, innocent civilians and women, children and little babies, it is evident that the last line of the poem is still in effect:

“The slaughter continues – there’s no end in sight!”

Be well my friends