William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


A small crowd of two dozen met at Ottawa’s lonely Human Rights’ Monument.
Buddy’s sleeper cell members couldn’t be there as underground they all went.
Ties to his fellow terrorists by phone can’t be publically revealed as yet.
Canadian Security Intelligence Service taped his phone calls, you can bet!

Algerian Harkat was trained in Pakistan, so was Canadian Omar Kahar.
There’s a huge network of recruit terrorists being trained over there.
We have extreme liberal courts and we have open door human rights
As our Canadian lads at the front are involved in Taliban war fights.

Lawyers they will argue that to Algeria, we cannot deport him.
If he blew the CSIS whistle, the Al-Qaeda will now do him in?
It looks like we are stuck with the terrorist Mohammed Harkat
Especially if it appears to look like he’s the Al-Qaeda’s rat!

Ottawa Supporters cheer Accused al Qaeda Agent

Canwest News Service
May 10, 2009

OTTAWA — Cheers and applause greeted accused al-Qaida agent Mohamed Harkat at a rally yesterday, condemning the government’s refusal to reveal the case against him.

It was Harkat’s first public event since a Federal Court judge liberalized the terms of his bail conditions in March to allow him to, among other things, attend and address political rallies.

“Today, I have a voice for the first time in almost seven years,” he said to about two dozen supporters gathered at the Human Rights Monument in Ottawa.

The Algerian-born Harkat came to Canada from Pakistan in 1995. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, beginning in the fall of 1996, intercepted his telephone conversations. He was arrested in December 2002.