William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Canadian Medals are hung on each brave soldier’s left breast.
They tell where he or she has been and where they did their best.
Long Service, good conduct for serving Her Majesty the Queen.
And the campaign medals they tell us where they have been.

Some are earned for brave actions received under fire.
Saving comrades whilst crawling in the muck and the mire.
Sgt Patrick Tower went to our own Government House Rideau Hall.
Receiving the medal of high valour the highest recognition of all.

Lt Gov Don Ethell served on fourteen different Missions and wars.
Major General Lewis MacKenzie has fifteen medals or more.
The medals of Canada are not given lightly, but are highly esteemed.
Received by Canadian Citizens who serve Country and Queen.

Author’s Note: A short poem Inspired by this video sent to me by Roy Tower who is very proud of his son Patrick, a true Canadian Hero.