William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


For our lads in Afghanistan who were wounded died and fought!
A disgusting slap in the face from the US Fox news they got!
Their four or five tours at the front may deserve a year’s rest.
They return in 2011 knowing that they have all done their best!

Greg Gutfeld says his words may have been misunderstood?
As he stirred up the anti-Canadian callers, as best that he could!
Doug Benson said of Canadians in Afghanistan he was not aware.
Canada is a place you run to when you chill out and are scared!

DM Peter McKay called Fox News disgusting and very crass!
We have not heard too many comments from Canada’s Brass?
General MacKenzie praised those now wearing tan combat boots!
Distasteful Fox showed an ignorance of our brave Canadian Troops!

Dennis Coderre says Canadians should write to Gutfeld at Fox.
About the 116 KIAs who have come home in each casket box.
Steve Staples said Fox News portrayed a shameful display.
Coderre asks Canadians to write Pres Barrack Obama today?