William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


My old boss Major Edwards went on sick parade for his knee
He caught a hospital infection which was sad news to me
Chink’s wife Hazel told me Murray was in a hospital bed
I went to visit him there before too much more was said

I was very lucky I received a visit from an old Poet Pard
My old cobber Tony Pahl known as the Aussie Bard
Major Edward knows Tony because of his poetry book
His wife Morrie loved poems so I gave her copy for a look

Tony had listed some poems that were written by me
Morrie gave me a title now for the whole world to see
She called me Willie, her friend, the Canadian Soldier Poet
Every one worldwide they would now know it

I lost my poetic fan Morrie and Murray lost his wife
She had been his best friend and the love of his life
A WW2 soldier who also fought in Korea and more
Murray attended the fighting at each peacekeeping war

We visit the schools for Armistice Day each 11th of November
The students listen quietly – Murray asks them to remember
Tony Pahl was pleased to meet my old boss
He was saddened to hear about Murray’s loss

Instead of the museum Tony accompanied me
To God’s little acre there under the trees
We visited Morrie’s grave and the sailors of yore
And the Airmen and Soldiers of Canada’s wars

The poet from Australia our own Aussie Bard
Stood by the graves with his Canadian Poet Pard
We took photos in this place of serenity and rest
Here in God’s little acre the permanent Sergeants Mess!

Major Murray Edwards and the Aussie Bard
Major Murray Edwards and the Aussie Bard – Anthony Pahl: January 2008

The grave stone of Morrie Edwards at God’s Acre: Vancouver Island, BC
The grave stone of Morrie Edwards at God’s Acre: Vancouver Island, BC

Author’s Note: As you can see in the above photograph of her grave stone below, Mrs. Edwards was in the Royal Artillery during WW2 – The last line of the last stanza of this poem refers to Tony and this writer being both Sergeants – both Major Edwards and this old Sergeant and my wife Lynne will be buried here too.