William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The PSO[•] at 13 PD[•]
Gave an IQ test[•] to me
I scored a hundred and sixty nine
He told me I was doing quite fine!

One needed to score at least seventy
And grade eight was also a necessity
Pass the test to do the best you’re able
To draw the missing leg on the table!

In nineteen hundred and fifty eight
I entered the Currie Barracks Gate
The high M Score in the Battalion followed me
When we came back from Germany in ‘63

Two Navy shrinks gave me an IQ test
To see for what I was suited best
The new M Score was 179;
I got 10 points smarter over time?

They said I should join Her Majesty’s Ships at sea
They said that would be the very best for me?
But the bosses down at the Army HQ
Said they had a job they wanted me to do!

Senior Officers Promotion Boards and Infantry Careers
Studying Chinese for a couple of years
I worked on the China desk for D INT P[•] three
That’s what a high M Score got for me!

Author’s Note: Many Infantry Officers had 130 to 140 which is high normal. 70 to 90 was dull low, normal for Riflemen – many made good soldiers