William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I had a poem in my head – I saw the words as I lay in bed.
Going up to the PC, all of those words they escaped me.
The PC it was broken down by Shaw cable, way down town.
No phone, No TV and No PC it was a loss to Lynne and me.

‘Twas about Afghanistan, and our dying and each wounded man.
And about a US female deserter who ran away from her troop.
She moved to Ottawa and feels safe there under a protective roof.
She was just a USA girl soldier with a no ask no tell truth.

‘Twas about Omar Khadr, a soldier who killed a medic o’er there,
And about the Canadian liberal do-gooders who say they all care.
If they get him released to the Toronto mean streets what then?
Will this Gitmo sleeper cell hero then move in next to them?