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Chad Shore lied and he caused soldiers to have some bad press
The real truth raised its head then we were all not impressed.
An investigation revealed Chad was lying, said the local RCMP
Did Reserved Private Shaw slash his own throat to attract sympathy?

Was it just a form of mental illness that made this young man lie?
Was it an attention getting device? Is that the reason why?
I personally don’t wan to sound too angry because he might be sick.
It didn’t take the Mounties long; the case was solved pretty darn quick.

Reservist Lied About Attack, RCMP Say

Nanaimo – Nanaimo RCMP say a reservist was reported having his neck slashed at a bus stop last week was lying about how he was wounded.

A statement issued by Nanaimo detachment commander, Supt. Norm McPhail, Tuesday said the allegations made by the reservist, a 22-year-old Private identified as Chad Shore, were false.

Police originally said Shore was targeted because he was wearing a military uniform.

Nanaimo Daily News

This article appeared in the Times Colonist on 14 March 2012