William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


BS war stories are told by a liar in Court
To gain the jury and the judge’s support
By a child Molester, ex-soldier, Ray Borsch
Used the PTSD, insane plea, of course!

The real soldiers who suffer from PTSD
Will be hurt by this guy who is really guilty
The CO in Bosnia, had no reports of those dead?
Was the Borsch defence story made up in his head?

As an extremely violent child molester who uses a knife
To sexually assault little girls giving trauma and strife
He should be jailed or punished or bring back the lash
What a weak system! We are releasing this trash!

Borsch should be put in bedlam and left there for life
Re-offenders they re-use the gun and the knife
The victims have no rights, they are just little kids
Borsch should be punished for the things that he did!

Using PTSD as a violent sex offender's defence
Should be backed up with DND statements, put before the bench
There should be real proof – we should ask all the whys
Instead of courts believing BS and these out and out lies!

I don’t wish to sound like I’m cruel and I’m mean
But for justice to work, then justice must be seen
Borsch used the system, the bench and the Queen
To return to the street, now he’s back on the scene!

Author’s Note: Watch your newspapers for re-offending. Next time Borsch may graduate to murder to shut the witness victims up and after all, he has been proven in court to be nuts so his chances of being punished are almost nil. I worked at a cop shop for 23 years and I have seen them come and go – this defence strategy is the “best” yet!

A friend of mine in Manitoba knows one of the NCOs who served in Bosnia with Borsch –-Granted It was dangerous duty, however, no Serbs were killed by Borsch or by any other Canadian during their tour of duty. Neither the NCO (who states Borsch is a BSer) nor the Commanding Officer, Colonel Ray Wlasichuck, both had been in Bosnia on the ground, were called to testify to the truth.

Talk about your BS baffling brains as “lies dammed lies” were permitted to be used as a defence! This lady in the Winnipeg Free Press (Clipping reproduced below), hits on the truth of the matter. The band of brothers’ soldier society, and especially the justice system’s reputation(s) were tarnished and the sad thing is that more little girls are going to be put at risk, as this “skinner” (child molester) is returned to the Canadian streets


The Winnipeg Free Press: June 25, 2006

WINNIPEG — A former Canadian soldier has done a dramatic legal flip-flop and pleaded guilty to breaking into a neighbour’s home and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl at knifepoint.
Roger Borsch, 36, was given three years in prison yesterday under a joint recommendation between Crown and defence lawyers. He was given double –time credit for six months already served, plus an additional two years behind bars.

Borsch previously had gone to trial and made national headlines when he was found not criminally responsible after becoming the first soldier to successfully use post-traumatic stress disorder as a criminal defence.

At the time of the assault, Borsch was working as a jail guard in The Pas, Man. Borsch claimed to be in a catatonic-like state when he broke into the a co-worker’s home in the middle of the night, taped her 13-yearold daughter’s mouth shut and then attacked her at knifepoint. The girl eventually managed to free herself and scream for help.

Borsch testified he only remembered waking up hours later in a canoe with no paddles on the Saskatchewan River.

He didn’t dispute the facts of the case, but was found not guilty of the 2004 attack for reasons of a mental disorder.

Queen’s Bench Justice Nathan Nurgitz agreed with Borsch’s claims that his mind had been affected by horrific killings he said he witnessed a decade earlier in Bosnia.

Re: Illness is bad enough without more stigma (June 25)

“The devil made me do it” is an excuse repeatedly being used in our so-called justice system and remarkably, very successfully. The truth of the matter is that we are all victims but we are not all criminals. You can make a case for every person in prison as to how they were victimized. You can rationalize the incidents but you can’t justify them. And now we have declared another “disease” — post-traumatic stress disorder — that gives one licence to victimize another. There are, no doubt, victims of PTSD in the thousands and they do not sexually assault little girls. The facts of a situation may be true but they are manipulated by word games in our courts of law. And, amazingly, it works. Common sense and justice are obliterated. Understanding doesn’t mean excusing, accepting or even tolerating one “victim” to victimize another.

A young girl has learned an important lesson. You can do horrific things to another person if you can just blame something or someone else. She is now a victim of a terrible experience. Is it OK for her to inflict her pain on someone else down the road? Why not? She can claim, and truthfully, “the devil made her do it.” As a victim, she should have a free pass, and so the chain goes on in perpetuity. It seems we are all poor, helpless creatures with a brain that has not developed beyond the level of the lower species.

What has happened to the system that should be guiding, ensuring and protecting a civil society? What has happened to supporting individual choice and responsibility? What has happened to accountability? Something is seriously broken and needs to be fixed.



Times Colonist – June 24, 2006

WINNIPEG (CP) — A commander of Canadian peacekeepers in Bosnia says war stories a former Manitoba soldier told a court before his acquittal this week of a violent sex assault on a young teen don’t add up.

Roger Borsch, 34, was found not guilty of the June 2004 attack in The Pas, Man., by reason of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Borsch admitted he broke into a woman’s home and attacked her sleeping 13-year-old daughter by taping her mouth shut and fondling her at knifepoint.

Borsch said he’s tormented by the horrors of war experienced during a 1994 posting in Bosnia and said he personally killed five people, including a Serbian soldier he caught raping an eight-year old girl.

Retired colonel Ray Wlasichuk, who led 850 Canadian peacekeepers into war-torn Bosnia, said he was shocked by Borsch’s claims.

“I’m not aware of a single killing done by Roger,” he said Friday in a telephone interview from his home in Ontario. “To have a soldier make a claim about killing people, but not having anyone else know about it, I find very suspect.”

A letter Wlasichuk wrote outlining the volatile nature of the mission was filed by Borsch’s lawyer at the trial. But Wlasichuk was not called by either the defence or the Crown to testify.


Review board denies bid for freedom

By Mike McIntyre

A Canadian soldier must remain in a locked mental health facility for ongoing treatment after being found not criminally responsible for sexually assaulting a teen girl in The Pas, a provincial review board ruled yesterday.

Roger Borsch, 34, was seeking to regain his freedom on the basis he wouldn’t pose a continuing risk to society and could he treated in the community. Now he faces an uncertain immediate future.

We’re definitely going to be doing some celebrating. We’re pleased he’s in lockup and I don’t see him walking the streets any time soon,” the mother of Borsch’s young victim told the Free Press yesterday.
The review board did not release written reasons for their decision yesterday.

They are mandated to impose the “least onerous and least restrictive” disposition, which balances the safety of the public, treatment options and the return of the patient to the community.

The review hoard does not have to review Borsch’s case for a full year but could be called upon to re-evaluate his status if medical staff felt it necessary.

Queen’s Bench Justice Nathan Nurgitz ruled last month Borsch was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder when he broke into the woman’s home and attacked her sleeping 13-year-old girl in her bedroom at knifepoint in 20(4.

The Crown announced this week they had filed an appeal. No date for a hearing has been set.
“We still don’t agree with the original ruling to not hold him responsible but at least he’s not out free,” the victim’s father said yesterday.

Borsch claims to have been haunted by the horrors of war stemming from a 1994 peacekeeping mission in Bosnia when he attacked the girl a decade later.

He claims to have personally killed five people including a Serbian soldier he caught raping an eight-year-old girl. Doctors who testified in his defence claimed Borsch may have been “acting out” what he’d witnessed.

Nurgitz’s decision to clear him of criminal wrongdoing sparked debate and reaction across the country, including several former soldiers who questioned Borsch’s war stories.


The former commander of Canadian peacekeepers in Bosnia, Ray Wlasichuk, also cast doubt on Borsch’s version of events, claiming the bloody tales he told simply don’t add up and couldn’t have happened under his watch.

Dr. Neal Anderson told the review board this week: it’s important Borsch curb his abuse of alcohol and admitted it could be difficult to do if he were released back into the community.

He said Borsch also needs to “go a lot deeper” into what happened during his mission to Bosnia in order to truly heal.

“He’s expressed fear that he, or a dissociated part of him, could do something similar again,” said Anderson.

Defence lawyer Jason Miller told the review board his client has received several death threats in the wake of his acquittal and is concerned for his safety.