William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

For Our Children, Grand Children And For You And Me

Canadian Parachute RegimentThose with large packs, many miles they had humped.
Out of Hercs and Buffalos to the tundra they had jumped,
Into the Canadian Arctic up in Canada’s high North.
No Han island problems then when our paras went forth.

The Government in its wisdom disbanded our men.
Leaving the door wide open to Scandinavia again.
We should have been there with Maple Syrup and CC.
To welcome the oil mongers to this land of the free.

Leo was there, pulling toboggans, like you and me.
The Manhattan intruded through this land of the free.
But we were all up there and the Americans they knew.
We were 1000 miles North as their icebreaker went through.

Leo helped us to all keep, the True North Strong and Free
For our children, grand children and for you and for me.
He lived our national anthem, standing on guard for thee.
Helping God keep our land Canada, Glorious and Free.

Author’s Note: RIP JUMPER – keep a seat for me at the St Michael’s prop blast bro.