William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


He sits on the street bench with only existence in mind;
Was he once a Canadian soldier and was he left behind?
Where is his family? Did they leave him behind too
When bad dreams, PTSD, and night-screams ensued?

Did he leave his Mother on a long ago Mother’s Day
Going off to the Army to permanently stay away?
His wife and his children, were they too left behind
As the rattle of battle raced round in his mind?

Homeless he sits there, alone, upon the mean street
With torn clothes on his body, and old boots on his feet.
There, friends, by the Grace of God would go me or go you.
Had we been left behind and had we been suffering too.

Left Behind by John Ward Leighton
This poem was inspired by this wonderful photo taken by John Ward Leighton