William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Major General Lew MacKenzie
Major General Lew MacKenzie
Canadian Peacekeeper
Dinay a bother wid hi flutten’s wid dere hankie’s in dere cuff
wid dem bullets flyin all aroun, we’ll be ded soon enuff
an dey only send out rockets dat are written on de page
dey sit back home in Ottawa whilst out dere battles rage

Dere was our Lew MacKenzie midst de snipers in dere nests
dey often tried to kill him and dey did dere fuckin’ best
dey put out wanted posters for our Lew, alive or dead
they’d pay a fuckin’ fortune for our Lew MacKenzie’s head!

Gen Lew’s a dam good soldier who looked after all his men
dey wud bravely follow after him time and time again
De Order of Canada should honour him, give him recognition
let yur letters flow to Rideau Hall like expended ammunition!