William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Our piper plays a tune of glory – it is a sad lament
As Sergeant Chris and Corporal Steve and Private Joel are sent
Up the ramp as an end to their story-back to Canada they went
Onto the Herc[•] for a final trip – their brave young lives now spent

They died to keep peace and let others be free
They died for all Canadians like you and like me
The great sacrifice of these young volunteers
Will harden resolve amongst the tears of their peers

KIAs[•] are now called VSAs[•] as changes to sad jargon evolves
As others now join and others now train in an answer Canada’s call
Recruits they will sign upon the line and they will do their time
They will bravely represent us all, especially those young heroes who fall
Their last ramp trip home, at the last bugle call, for those who gave their all

Thank you Chris and Thank you Steve and Thank you Joel from us
On the route home to Trenton and to your families they’ll entrust
The Canadian flag covered aluminum, transfer body case-
Denotes you died for all of us in support of the human race!

Sgt Christos Karigiannis, Cpl Stephen Bouzane, and Pte Joel Wiebe
(L to R) Sergeant Christos Karigiannis, Corporal Stephen Bouzane, and Private Joel Wiebe: Members of the 3rd Bn Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry. The men were killed on June 20, 2007 when a roadside bomb west of Kandahar, Afghanistan, struck their unarmoured vehicle, known as a Gator, as they travelled between two checkpoints