William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


We have to give our heartfelt Canadian thanks
To those still standing in our thinning ranks
Every day’s obits sees the notices of death
Telling us of those who gave their last breath

They fought in the trench and the bunker o’er there
They stood for years on parade with grey white hair
We are saying good bye to each old soldier guy
Not on foreign battle sites where their young comrades lie

Fewer on parade now wear WW2 battle stars
wheelchair KVA wounded still show their battle scars
Some peacekeeper’s gongs in rows are quite long
And the piper still plays the amazing grace song

God bless all our soldiers from this Maple Leaf Land
As our KIAs and wounded fly home from Afghanistan
When we read constantly, these Regimental last posts
We pause and we think of those who gave Canada their most!

Author’s Note: Written after reading of the passing of fellow Peacekeeper, Mike (Mitch) Zurawell on 16 September 2006. Mitch was a Korean War Veteran, serving with the 1st Battalion; Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) in Korea and was wounded in action on January 4, 1952.