William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


It’s important for soldiers to know a few words, in several other tongues.
When troubles arise it’s no surprise how important some words become.
When I was young and in my prime I used to study Chinese all the time.
The Canadian Army needed folks, who, in several tongues they spoke.

They packed us off to the Language School, using cassettes as a tool:
We learned Gwo Yu, Pu Tong Wha, like Mandarin Jung Gwo Ren.
And when we left the confines of CFFLS we were never the same again,
I can order egg rolls or Ju Ro Chow Fan or Bai Swei Yu in a wok like pan.

In Africa the PLA railway corps, keep the roads fixed up to haul their ore
From the African mines to freedom railway and on down to Dar Es Alam.
They bargain for colourful Massai jewellery in the village market place.
Soldiers are the same to the girls back home in the entire human race.

One in every four people on this earth can speak Mandarin Chinese.
So it’s important for our Canadian children, to perhaps consider these?
The world of the future will include the Chinese, a business minded race.
Studying Chinese would be a good thing if our children want to keep pace.

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