William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Our own Teflon Bob, was on patronage jobs, don’t you see?
He once ran our military head shed down at our D.N.D.
Back when Liberales they ruled this great land of the free
And the adscam beneficiaries were on a big spending spree

When trouble erupted after the Somalia media Affair
Uncle Jean Crouton ensured Teflon wasn’t there
He became the immediate ambassador to the UN chair
That stopped inquiries reaching the top brass upstairs

Cancelling of the AIRBORNE and sending a Private to Jail
TBF he was out there, like, just beyond the pale
Made Ambassador to Italy that appointment was a howler
A great patronage job for our own Teflon Bob Fowler

Aah yes the LIBRANOS, they now suck the hind teats
Another minor party with the loss of several more seats
They’ll come to Vancouver for the LIBRANO convention
This party that gave us the clawed back Army pension

Van Libs they gained a landslide, ‘twas a twenty vote seat
Our clawed back vets could have guaranteed their defeat
Dosanjh in Vancouver he just won by that 20 vote nose
And the seat down in Esquimalt it too was really close!

We welcome you LIBRANOS to Vancouver town
Bring buckets of money – buy each other a round;
Say farewell to Steven Dion –as he was a good sport
Bob Rae and Mike Ignatieff, now they’re other sorts!

Author’s Note: Inspired by Frank Magazine Clip and Times Colonist Article reproduced below


CanWest News Service VANCOUVER – Former B.C.

Premier Ujjal Dosanjh has eked out the narrowest of victories and will retain his seat as a Liberal MP.

Results released yesterday from a second judicial recount gave Dosanjh a total of 16,110, a 20-vote margin over Conservative challenger Wai Young in the Vancouver South riding.

“It’s been three weeks since the election, and that was on top of five weeks of election, so it’s been exhausting,” said Ken Sproule, Dosanjh’s executive assistant.

“It’s been signed off. Every ballot’s been counted.

“So it’s over now.”

Dosanjh was elected by a 33-vote margin on Oct. 14.

Young asked for a judicial recount, conducted Oct. 24, which narrowed the gap to 22 votes. Then Young requested the second recount.

Dosanjh’s lawyer, Ravi Hira, believes the cycle of recounts is now over. “It’s the longest recount in the history of Elections Canada,” he said.

Times Colonist: Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Liberal Log-Roll at U of Zero

Photo: Bob FowlerSon of Liberal insider and C.D. Howe crony Robert Fowler, Sr., Bob glided smoothly from Pierre Trudeau’s PCO to DM of Defence under Byron Muldoon.

When Fowler’s executive secretary, Denys Henrie, killed himself in 1992, he left a suicide note blaming the boss and others for his sad exit.

Later, when the Somalia scandal boiled over, Jean Crouton spared Fowler any unpleasantness by shipping him off to New York as ambassador to the UN, then dissolving the official inquiry before he could be recalled to testify.

More posh appointments—ambassador to Italy, the PM’s special advisor on Africa – followed in gratifying, discreet succession.

Frank Magazine: November 2008