William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Salmin Mohammed Khamis
Said Saggar Ahmed
Kubwa Mohammed Seif
have now been released

Witnesses, they have all forgot
so the trial had to stop.
Cop payoffs and corruption rot
resulting in no justice got!

Al Qaeda again has won you say?
Innocent Kenyans have had to pay
like bombing the embassy of the USA.
Corruption evil has won the day!

al-Qaida Bombers found not-guilty
Salmin Mohammed Khamis, left, Said Saggar Ahmed, center, and Kubwa Mohammed Seif listen Monday, June 27 in a Nairobi court as they are acquitted. The three Kenyan men had been charged in an al-Qaida-linked bombing of an Israeli owned hotel, and the attempt to shoot down an Isreali airliner.