William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Bob works for our Government and he is often checking on things
An expertise at paying for CIDA items to the table he brings
He builds new schools, roads, wells and bridges in Kandahar
Making his report recommendations from a KAF armoured car

He once served o’er in Pakistan and we called him Islamabob Bob
Then he went over to East Africa where he did an excellent job
At that time he was known as our own Mombassabob Bob
By the folks who eat ugali and roasted corn on the cob

Writing Afghan reports last year we called him Kabullabob Bob
With the Mullahs and the big shots he would have to hobnob
The best times we had were at home with our own WILLBOND mob
When the Farm’s BBQ pit was run by our own SHISHKABOB Bob

In Jakarta Dad and me, both got real sick on BBQ tainted meat
Eating chicken beef shishkabob off of a stick on the street
Shishkabob Bob ate it too, and he never got ill
It was just me and our Dad old Somerset Hill Bill

Last week Bob was trying to get a good night’s sleep
When the Taliban blew up the prison just down the street
The perps all departed – was it a planned inside job?
As they disturbed the slumber of our own Kandaharabob Bob!

Kabullabob is off to the North to write reports once again
He picks up his report forms and his paper and pen
He will be home next week to his golf game summer job
Commuting back and forth to Ottawa will be our own Lanarkabob Bob

Subject: Inspecting a Well

Bob Willbond: Inspecting a Well in Afghanistan

Here’s a photo of me walking to a well that the Canadian Forces had dug for the locals. The KAV I was driving in is in the background. I was supposed to travel to inspect a bridge that CIDA funded but it was blown up and there were too many insurgents near it. We had to wear our gear last night because the PRT was under threat of attack by insurgents. There were clashes all over the place yesterday. I felt like I was in the Alamo with Santa Anna’s army luring outside. A bunch of British paratroopers arrived today to help out the Canadians. I travelled back to KAF this morning where there are more than 12,000 troops. Feel a lot safer now. We head to Kabul in the morning.

Bob Willbond
June 2008