William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The old poet he sits at his desk, and he shines up his screen
On the pavement below, the cold streets are real mean
Jazz Earphones on his head, listening, seriously
He writes many great lines of Canadian Poetry

His pictures go out by blog to deep cyber space
As John ponders the fate of the whole human race
When the emails are read, and the daily news pun is done
Off to Starbucks he goes where the young crowd is fun!

John writes about humans and the meaning of life
He takes the great pictures on the streets of hard strife!
He worries about our wounded and our many Canadian dead
As under our Maple Leaf flag, Canadian Soldiers have bled!

John has wonderful talents with camera and pen
Soldiering for Canada, he was a leader of men
A heavy Machine Gunner, John taught the .50 Cal
Now, to ICROSS CANADA Aids Orphans, he's a Vancouver Pal!

Inspired by the poem, “Strange Plagiarism” ©Copyright February 6, 2007 by John-Ward Leighton