William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Oh I have jumped on canopied wing into the Canadian winter void
I have lived with Commando men, their company I’ve really enjoyed
I see the last post entries of the list of jumper’s down
Some guys I knew are listed too that always makes me frown!

I once rose up to heaven within an Alberta ploughed field funnel
The heat it took me to the clouds like in an updraft tunnel
I saw the lads all roll their chutes far below there on the ground
I kept on going up and up until the cold air was found

I wafted down quite slowly and that T10 brought me a lot of luck
Cool air was fair and I landed there beside that large chute truck
The lads they walked for 4 or 5 miles carrying packs and chutes
I stood there and it seemed unfair I had no dust on my boots!

When jumpers leave for heaven they go up on risers of silken cord
St Michael wears a maroon beret and he sits there beside the Lord
Greeting paratroopers in their jump boots when the angel’s choir sings
Welcomed there with pomp and flair these men who wear jump wings!

Author’s Note: In memory of James C Schlosser and William Sweeney. St Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of paratroopers and of the Canadian Airborne Regt