William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Soviet Communism, National Socialism, and Islamic Fundamentalism
USSR terror, Nazi Genocides, and Al Qaeda TV decapitations
Killing gulag peasants, burning gypsies and Jews, suicide bombers
The great evils against mankind that were and are present in modern times

The West defeated Hitler and then the Cold War Warriors smashed the Iron Curtain
Communism waned in China – economic power supplied $ store items to the West
Globalization has helped to fuel the zeal of followers of, killer, Osama Bin Laden
Barbarians embrace the internet, TV, modern AK47’s and the making of I.E.D.s

The historical conflict against the West and persecution of the Jews continues
Mad men have come on the scene – Iran is actively seeking the atomic bomb
Pakistan ruled by Islamic maniacs has possession of the Atomic Bomb now
Shortages of food grain, famine and natural disasters are rampant o’er the globe

Now is the time to be strong. Our Canadian Servicemen and Women stand steady
They need the backing of the entire Nation – Not nay Sayers and back stabbers
Parading with anti war signs at the peacekeeping memorial services are horrid people
Bolsheviks and Nazis they have no respect for our Canadian fallen and our wounded

Author’s Note: Food for thought poetry – Canada has enacted into law that Aug the 9th as National Peacekeeping Day. Let us hope that the anti-military factions do not attend again this year and try to spoil the Padre’s Prayer Session