William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


In the Rifles Canteen or in the Guard Room Cell
No one could fight like old John Greek Catell
I was often Canteen Queen as a young Junior NCO
When rowdies would cut up – John would tell them to go!

The Greek he was old – but quite quick and able
Judo chopping a bully – laid him on the pool table
POW John had escaped twice back in World War Two
The tales of John’s exploits the canteen crew knew

The wets was John’s Home. He kept rear party Order
When the Battalion bugged out to the East German border
John never wore civvies and he never left the gate
Because for the Germans he still had a great hate!

Canteen buddies, like the Greek, Old Pop Shears, Harry Brown
Most are long gone, to the playing of taps sound
Baldy Baverstock, Rat Randall, old Shakey MacNeil
Machine Gun Bill Fischer had the piper’s lament reel

I listened to their stories. I’ll record them. I’ll tell
About Europe and Korea and the Prisoner of War Hell
This Army ain’t no place for the faint-hearted or the weak
That’s what I was told by old John the Greek

There will be new hero stories being told by each man
When the Pats and Royals return from Afghanistan
Their friends are all heroes and some of them died
Canada’s wet canteen stories will continue with pride!

Rifleman John “The Greek” Catell
WWII Commando, Rifleman John “The Greek” Catell kneeling at the graveside of his mate,
Sergeant Aubrey Cosens, VC