William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Our Times Colonist had an article it was really quite small
Orillia winter warfare training and the Allah Aqubar Snow Ball
Planning large scale terrorist activities in Ottawa and T.O.
Nine Eleven Finding answers in the fine videos they show*

We had one terrorist from Quebec come visit us from afar
He went over to Washington State with a bomb in his car
He was going to blow up L.A. Ex after driving down there
Captured at the border he is now doing life and that’s fair

Will Omar Khadr soon be coming back home to T.O.?
Coming up for a POW trial, now he’s down at GITMO
Treated as a young offender when e’er he comes back
He’ll be a sleeper cell hero and train others to attack?

Our Government keeps a wary eye for the enemy within
The traitors who live here train in Pakistan once again
Like Omar some of them too join the field Taliban
Training to kill us, the infidel, whenever they can


Times Colonist of September 19, 2008

TORONTO – A U.S.-based anti-terrorism group has posted a video on its website showing a training camp in rural Ontario allegedly attended by a group of Toronto men charged with plotting large-scale terrorist attacks in Toronto and Ottawa. The video obtained by the Nine-Eleven Finding Answers Foundation shows masked men wearing camouflage parkas, firing weapons and waving a black flag from atop a small hill in the snow-covered woodlands near Orillia, Ont., while chanting “Allahu Akbar.” — CNS