William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


We used to keep secrets from the enemy.
When we knew who the enemies were.
We did not tell them about our Honest Johns.
Or the warheads we had o’er there.

Now in-camera meetings are commonplace.
The enemies of yore have been replaced.
With the veterans who go before the VRB[1]
Seeking compensation for wounds we can’t see.

They use the weapon of PTSD – veterans are crazy?
General Patton said they are sick lame and lazy?
In camera meetings to turn down the compensation
Saving millions of Mandarin $’s: it’s a low-key sensation?

Dejected veterans go away with a severe lack of pride.
Then some even resort to the final solution, suicide.
The VRB secrets are kept from the press, so you see.
The enemy now appears to be veterans like thee?