William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


These are our comrades these injured vets:
Lest we forget, lest we forget.
Having to go to court with litigation:
Shame, shame on us – the Canadian Nation.

Justice Gordon Weatherill threw out the Feds case
Showing Vets have human rights in this human race.
It is a real shame, with this New Veterans Charter;
They have to go to court and for their rights barter.

By this NVC their rights and freedoms are taken away.
In lieu of disability pensions they receive lump sum pay.
Is it a real living document or is that just what they say?
Why do veterans have to go to court at the end of the day?

If we had an Ombudsman who stood up for their rights
Then our wounded warriors would not have to fight
Against that system, that these veterans fought for.
Before coming home wounded from the Afghan war.

Author’s Notes: The government will spend millions and millions and millions of tax payers’ dollars on Federal lawyers to fight against these wounded veterans who are standing up for their legal God Given rights. This is a real Canadian shame

Inspired by article from the Times Colonist of even date reproduced below.

Injured Vets Win Court Battle

Vancouver – ABC.
7 September 2013

Supreme Court justice says current and former members of the Canadian Forces who were injured in Afghanistan can continue their class-action lawsuit against the federal government.

The lawsuit was files last fall, with plaintiffs arguing the new Veterans Charter and the changes it brings to the compensation regime for members of the Canadian Forces violate the constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Lawyers for the federal attorney general asked the court to throw out the case. Justice Gordon Weatherill declined. – CP