William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The Danes raided Ireland so I got my red hair
They left me blue eyes and a skin that was fair
Millions of freckles cover my face hands and arms
The Danes raped the women on our Irish farms

The Brits raided Ireland that’s where I got my name
Willbonds came to Ireland along with Cromwell’s fame
George Baines, he married Sir Vere Hunt’s daughter
O’er there in China the Buffs they met slaughter

Grandpa stayed on in Ireland with his Grannie Liza Hunt too
Then Joined the Royal Irish Rifles a green jacket crew
He too went off to India where his children they died
I inherited a Rifle Regiment family History – I too served with pride

Author’s Note: I inherited a “De Je Vu” historical background – from my great grandfather – we served 100 years apart


  • George B. Willbond
    George B. Willbond

    William H.A. Willbond
    William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD
    He joined a Rifle Regiment 60th Rifles – I joined a Rifle Regiment QUEEN’S OWN RIFLES
  • He joined when he was 17 – I joined when I was 17
  • He served his Queen (Victoria) – I served my Queen (Elizabeth)
  • He served for 2 overseas postings: India and China – I served on 2 overseas postings: Europe and Cyprus
  • He was a Rifle Platoon Sergeant – I was a Rifle Platoon Sergeant
  • He worked for a municipality – I worked for a municipality
  • He was in a Veterans Association – I belong to a Veterans Association
  • He retired at age 37 – I retired at age 37
  • He had 2 campaign medals – I have 2 campaign medals
  • He had a good conduct medal – I have a good conduct medal
  • He served for 21 years – I served for 21 years
  • He served in China – I speak Chinese
  • He was a Protestant and married a Roman Catholic – I am a Roman Catholic married to a Protestant
  • He died from a diabetic foot removal – I inherited the diabetic genes (but we have better medicines today)
  • His dad served in the Crimea – My grandfather served with the Royal Irish Rifles in India and my Dad served in WW2
  • He joined in 1854 – I joined in 1958
  • He embarked for China 21April 1860 – The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada formed on 26 April 1860

Crimena and Indian Mutiny Veterans AssociationIt is interesting to note a badge on George’s death notice from the Crimean and Indian Mutiny Veterans Associationy” is an annotation that reads from KABUL TO KANDAHAR – is that a repeat of History or What? My brother Bobby Willbond had completed several government tasks in Kabul over the past year – Is that De Je Vu or what?

Great Grandpa’s Regiment, the Buffs 60th Rifles and my Regiment the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada are sister Regiments.

The Willbond family saw service against Napoleon at Waterloo, in the Crimea, in the Zulu Wars, in the Boer War. In WW1 I had a great uncle who was a field engineer; he was a career private and he was great at blowing things up and was decorated in the field in South Africa – but he had a drinking problem – and was disrespectful to officers. His conduct sheet shows him going from Sapper to Lance Corporal – (LCpl to Spr) and back up several times which sort of sounded familiar (chuckle). My great-great-grandfather had 15 children: they are scattered to the wind across the globe and descendants live in New Zealand, Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland and the USA. One member of the Willbond family that went to the US had slaves. When freedom was declared these men and women took the Willbond family name and there are black Willbond family members in the USA. Today we, all of us, have inherited the WILLBOND family name.

Submitted for the May 2008 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Inheritance