William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The time has come the Legion said to talk of important things.
Of who will run the meat draws as the bingo caller sings.
There are no veterans on the board, only civvies they work here.
The odd old vet he does drop by, to drink a glass of beer.

With many Legions closing doors as many veterans quit.
The question now it seems to be: “Why are they doing it?”
The legion heads they went to bed with the Government.
They didn’t back the wounded up, and that we do lament.

They were silent all the time about the clawed back vet.
They did not back the veterans up, at all, lest we forget.
They did not answer letters that were written them by Dale.
Because of that, their sincerity, it seemed to wan and pale.

Afghanistan is providing Canada with wounded by the score.
They sign the Veterans Charter when they come back from war.
The Legion used to help each vet apply for a disability pension.
Now they do not fight too hard against the NVC prevention.

The Legions closing many doors all across the breadth of this great Nation:
They rue the day they didn’t say: Where’s the wounded’s compensation?
The Government gives the headquarters group a few bucks here and there.
But in the end, at the Legion’s demise, will the Government really care?

Korean War veteran Donald Doan
Korean War veteran Donald Doan sits in the Windsor legion, which is trying to raise $100,000 for maintenance costs