William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I just heard a great song sung by Canada’s “Roadkill Bill”.
He honours our brave soldiers that the enemy did kill.
As the coffins come in from the back of the Hercules plane,
Family’s and friends they stood there, in the snow and the rain.

Folks on the bridges saluted and waved the red maple leaf.
Next of kin they stood by with sad expressions of grief.
The CDS and MND were there to show comfort to them.
The PM gave a speech to honour his fallen brave men.

Canada’s soldiers were driven down the road to the Coroner in Toronto
Met by thousands of Canadians above the road they stood on to.
Those thousands of citizens showed and waved Canada’s flag of red.
Honouring those who rode below and who for global freedom had bled.

Author’s Notre: Some of you may have heard about Jan Peer – her husband Bill is a musician – “Roadkill Bill”. He and a few of his friends wrote a song to honour our men and woman that we are losing. The song is titled “Highway of Heroes”.