William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Who are the heroes that you and I know?
One, to me, is my brother, Little Joe!
A single dad to my Godson Mike
Hard working Joey’s a guy that I like!

Mother Teresa late of Calcutta City
Upon the suffering poor she took pity
And my friend Michael of the Maasai
He gives comfort, as AIDS patients die!

Lew MacKenzie’s a Canadian who saved the day
Opened the airport for peace and he paved the way
He quelled that war between Croats and Serbs
The Order of Canada is what he deserves!

Don Ethell’s a guy who has served overseas
On fourteen Missions of war and disease
His wife Linda’s a hero who waited at home
Whilst Don he was serving in each hot war zone!

A dust-off chopper gunner, my friend Tony Pahl
the ICROSS webmaster’s an example to us all!
With words and with poems he conquers regrets
In the Global Village, as he helps wounded vets!

My wife Lynne is a Hero, raising our family
She helps her children and she puts up with me
Many heroes lie buried in lonely graves over there
Walking wounded at home need the VAC care!

In Afghanistan Canada’s heroes now walk in harm’s way
And we read about casualties and the wounded every day
Smokey Smith was a hero and Canada’s last V.C.
The Canadian Kandahar Folks are all heroes to me!