William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(It’s Stinky Not Gory)

We did dark night drops out on the plains
above the ploughed fields from a C130 plane
Accidentally I landed in a huge muddy pig pen
I could not slip away from the mud
My heavy large pack and C2 both landed first,
on a pulled taught lowering strap, with a thud
Flopping around hearing no sound having hit stinky ground –
I was deep in the poop so I found!

I picked up my weapon and gear, rolled up my chute
and I made my way back to the bus
The lads laughed real hard and said, “You are banned Sarge!”
Not a few of the ranks made a fuss
You know and you think that because I made a big stink
I rode the chute truck to Namao?
I was fire hosed down once I got back to town
and was cleaned off from head top to toe!

Night drops are important as they test the man
and they test the teamwork of the group
But things can go wrong and we sing another song
when a jumper he lands in the poop
I know you will feel bad and some will feel sad
upon hearing this AIRBORNE jump story
I rode the chute truck and no one gave a Fu_k
they were laughing too hard to be sorry!