William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I well remember Our Princess Elizabeth back during the War
She looked smart in the Service Corps uniform that she wore
On my honour I promise to do the best for God and the King
Was a statement we made whilst doing the Cub Scout thing

King George died and Elizabeth became our young Queen
She was one of the most beautiful young woman I’d seen
I swore on bible and flag when I joined the Queen’s Own
I promised allegiance to Elizabeth the 2nd and Her Throne

The young Queen had her face on our one dollar bill
And that picture is the way that I remember her still
She visited the Wainwright troops in nineteen fifty nine
On the sides of each street we soldiers formed a line

As a retired old soldier I still think fondly of my Queen
I have served Her with loyalty in all of the places I’ve been
I know it’s not popular on the modern Canadian scene
To say what’s in my heart, and that is: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

Author’s Note: In the prose poem Home Sweet Home 1959 I relate the visit of HMQE2 to Wainwright in the summer of 1959 when the Brigade was on Summer Training in Camp Wainwright Alberta. The Queen and Prince Phillip did a whistle stop tour of the town and the 5, 000 man Brigade lined the streets. In that poem, I describe the Queen’s coming and going and our preparation for the parade and a humorous incident that occurred after Her Majesty’s staff car passed by our location on her way to the waiting railroad train.


The Queen admires a painting of the QE2 passing through Southampton waters by Isle of Wight artist Robert Lloyd during her visit to the Queen Elizabeth 2, or QE2 in Southampton yesterday.
Arthur Edwards, AFP, Getty Images
Time Colonist: June 3, 2008

SOUTHAMPTON, England — Queen Elizabeth yesterday bade a fond farewell to the liner that bears her name, the QE2, before it sails off for a new life as a floating hotel in Dubai.

The queen, on the 55th anniversary of her coronation, toured the 70, 000-tonne ship in Southampton on England’s south coast on her last visit to the liner she launched on the Clyde in Scotland in 1967. Carol Marlow, managing director of the ship’s owners Cunard, addressed the Queen and 300 guests including former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

“The QE2 has been a symbol of all that is best about Britain,” Marlow said. “It is the most famous ship afloat, but all things move on and the vessel will now be going to Dubai where it will be admired by
generations to come. “

The QE2 has been superseded by bigger, more luxurious liners such as Queen Mary 2, which was also moored in Southampton docks yesterday.

The ship will make its final journey in November to Dubai to be refitted as a luxury floating hotel anchored off Palm Jumeirah, the world’s largest man-made island.

— Agence France-Presse