William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


He sleeps outside come rain or shine.
He drinks his bottles of cooking wine.
He once was loved and he had a good wife.
He joined the Army he led a soldier’s life.

He served as a Peacekeeper on Missions overseas.
He gave Canada his youth then he got the disease.
He tried hard to stop so he joined the A.A.
He fell off the wagon on welfare cheque cashing day.

He had a cheap rental room down in lower town.
He sees Yuppie penthouses being built all around.
He lost his wife and his Army Pension’s clawed back.
He moved here from his shack by the railway track.

Photo ©Copyright by John-Ward LeightonHe now sleeps in these door-ways in his sleeping bag.
He remembers proud days serving under the flag.
He finds it cold lying here upon these mean hard streets.
He has a bottle for comfort and his bed space is still neat!

There, but For the Grace of God, Go I

Author’s Note: Inspired by the attached photograph taken by Canadian Poet, John-Ward Leighton who has a professional eye.

On the DTLES (Down-town Lower East Side) the jackhammers have been sounding and pounding for the last couple of years as the powers that be build OLYMPIC HOUSEING and Yuppie Condos that now appear where the flea bag rooming houses once quartered individuals like the “he” in the sleeping bag sleeping in the door-ways of the cold mean streets of Vancouver Down Town Lower East Side.