William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Gaza Terrorists came here from the refugee camps
And were welcomed as escapers from harm
They raised lots of money in the Canadian Mosques
For the purchase of explosives and arms!

A new Canadian in Windsor, by the name of Jamal
This terrorist returned, one Mr. Alkali?
His Terrorist anti Jewish Group is called Hamas
Jamal was coming back home to kick Canadian Ass

But lucky for us the Israelis were alert
And managed to arrest the ficken terrorist perp
Jamal lived in Canada with his elder brother
Do we have more terrorists? Where are the others?

Jamal got four years and now lives in a cell
Hamas is worried about Canadian info he’ll tell
But Canadian Terrorists they are still doing well
Making suicide plans, in their new sleeper cell!

Times Colonist Thursday November 25, 2004


Man conspired to carry out bombings in North America, Israeli court rules

The Associated Press

Jamal Akkal
Canadian Jamal Akkal was sentenced in an Israeli military court Wednesday to four years in prison on charges of conspiracy to commit attacks on Jewish targets in Canada: Tsafriv Abayov/Associated Press
JERUSALEM – A Gaza-born Canadian pleaded guilty Wednesday to planning attacks on Israelis in North America and was sentenced by a military court to four years in prison, the Israeli army said.

Jamal Akkal, 24, was arrested in Gaza on Nov. 1, 2003, and charged by the military with conspiracy to commit manslaughter. Prosecutors said Akkal planned to carry out attacks against Israeli officials travelling in the United States, as well as bombings against Jewish targets in North America.

Akkal had denied the charges, claiming a confession he gave was made under duress.

Under Wednesday’s plea bargain, Akkal was found guilty of conspiracy to commit manslaughter and receiving paramilitary training, the army said. He was credited with time served since his arrest, and a second charge of receiving paramilitary training was dropped. Akkal, who was also fined 2,000 shekels (about $500 Cdn), had faced up to 21 years in prison, the army said.

Akkal was born and raised in the Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza and moved to Canada in 1999, where he became a citizen. He lived in Windsor, Ont., with his elder brother and was said to be a social work student.

During the trial, Akkal claimed he had come to Gaza to get engaged to a cousin. The army said he met with militants from the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, received weapons training and planned attacks.

According to the indictment, Akkal was to buy an M-16 rifle in Detroit and bomb materials to carry out the attacks in cities where many Jews live.

His handlers also allegedly told Akkal to raise money in mosques in North America, ostensibly to help families of Palestinian suicide bombers but actually to fund Akkal’s militant activity, the army charged.