William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Hagar is a soldier and he reminds me of you
His helmet is different and his weapons are too
He is off to fight England or the Germans or France
He loves his wife Helga their home life had romance

He goes to each castle and to it lays siege
He crosses the ocean and sails many leagues
He brings home his treasures his loot and his men
And they spend time at home till they sail out again

If you need a chuckle and if you’ve a real lack of mirth
Read his cartoon strip daily and you’ll see what he’s worth
Hagar is a soldier a horrible barbarian old guy
He shares with his troops when they divvy up the pie

They had pillage rights back in those days of yore
When the Vikings with the world they were all at war
They stole gold o’er in Ireland and wine crocks in France
Hagar wears a bear skin – his wife wears the pants!

Billy Willbond: Hagar The Horrible

Billy Willbond: Hagar The Horrible