William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

Who Enjoy Trough Feeding On The Taxpayer’s Free Lunch

Oh Raeside, Oh Raeside, Oh what have you done?
Of our Government Lawyers you have made a great pun.
They hint they’ll block all attempts at fair compensation:
They are now the laughing stock of the Canadian Nation.

Various parties and the legion they will all try to barter
To amend or do away with the New Veterans Charter.
Soldiers fought to bring change, with the olde Magna Carta
But now the purse strings are held by our PM Steve Harper!

Wounded Afghan Vets they really need monthly pensions.
The NVC amendments could help change this dissention.
Too, the coming elections will bring out our pension clawback
Showing our disabled veterans, have been stabbed in the back.

Many veterans’ advocates are now on a secret enemies list,
Making stands to make changes to the bad rules that exist.
Junk Yard Dog Lawyers are hired to stifle these attempts
Instead they really bring forth our Canadian contempt.

Raeside: Times Colonial Newspaper
Raeside: Times Colonial Newspaper - August 1, 2013