William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Smoothly talking power seekers
Are our leaders, all glib speakers
There will be a chicken in every pot
Is this true? Or is it not?

Our party will clean up all the rot
At the polls forget me not
We who believed in the WMD
That GWB told to you and me!

It was a glib story – It sounded true
What were the folks supposed to do?
The world all went o’er to Iraq
And won the war when they attacked?

Glib speakers told us that we had won
Pulling down statues, lots of fun
No WMD’s were ever found
On that subject let’s not expound!

The war in fact was never won
Guerrilla tactics are never fun
Suicide bombers every day
The war goes on without delay

More glib speakers in the U.S.
Promise to clean up the mess
Each and every on the newsy CNN
We see smooth talking ladies and men

Leaders promise they will end the war
Peace in our time for ever more
And Al Qaeda speaker clerics in the Madras
Smoothly promise to kick the Infidel’s ass!

Submitted for the May 2007 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Glib