William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Geez Louise, remember way back in the day
You took our young soldiers outside to play?
Ran them up hill you ran then down dale
You were much tougher than a PTI male!

Years have passed since the Branch was disbanded;
You are now a Major, on your feet you have landed:
Serving your Country, lo these many long years
Through times of laughter, sadness and tears.

Now you’re overseas, serving in Afghanistan.
You are doing the job, the best way you can.
Friends are so proud of your Service o’er there.
Please come home safe to all of us who care.


From Dale Dirks (September 15, 2010): A friend of ours, PERI 851, Officer, Major Louise Maziarski is presently serving in Afghanistan: She transferred to Admin and then was later promoted to Major. She is a really great gal and we are so damn proud that she is serving our country on the front lines.

We would like to include the poem in the “Periscope”, which is the 851 trade magazine and is now it is our website (The Periscope) listing all who served and where they are today etc.